For more than 25 years we’ve been supplying innovative consumer service and compliance control software solutions to help manage some of the world’s largest brands.

We are leaders in developing and implementing integrated tools for customer contact tracking, workflow and compliance management, and information reporting. With our solutions, organisations gain the visibility needed to effectively manage enterprise risks and strengthen their compliance with regulations, policies, and standards.

Our highly experienced team have a deep understanding of product compliance control and the consumer affairs industry and possess the domain knowledge and technical expertise necessary for the successful implementation of a solution that meets the specific requirements of your business.
We provide the most comprehensive, integrated tools and resources to assist organisations in retaining their existing customer bases, while building brand loyalty and capturing valuable marketing information for brand expansion.

Our solutions have continuously adapted over time as compliance requirements have increased and as consumers have become increasingly sophisticated in the way they connect. And as expectations have risen, being able to provide faster and more satisfying support has become even more critical. That’s why our solutions have been designed to ensure you can easily supply your consumers with the information they need, helping cases to be resolved quickly while also ensuring management receives the right compliance reporting information it needs in real time.

We understand data mining principals and work closely with our clients to create extensive report analysis tools that help to identify systemic issues and root cause. Our clients are then able to substantiate risk plans or drive corrective actions and change to address potential threats or consumer health issues.
We integrate risk management and compliance control with complaint and incident handling to provide you with complete case management capability. Critical control points and risk matrices are integrated in the application alerts process allowing visibility and management for:

        ●    Total Loss,

        ●    Fraud related issues,

        ●    HACCP,

        ●    Occupational Health and Safety,

        ●    Operational,

        ●    Strategic,

        ●    Environmental,

        ●    Terrorism.

We continue to be responsive to the changing global consumer environment and are innovative in our ability to adapt technology to maximise product control and customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. So we specialise in cross-platform, web delivered mobile applications that leverage the power and interconnectivity of modern devices.

Depending on your preference, our software solutions can be deployed either on premise, as a hosted service, or under a SaaS model. We configure our solutions to suit your individual business requirements and their modular nature means they can scale as your business grows. This approach allows flexibility and full integration with your current operations, procedures and policies - so you don’t have to re-engineer your business just to use our software.
We understand the value that quality processes and procedures can bring and we are committed to continuous improvement. Our structured quality and compliance program is based on ISO 9001 and gives us the framework, controls and assessment actions needed to consistently measure our performance.
The Directors of SFI International, Mark Hudson and Peter Gillson, have been working in the customer relations industry for over 26 years. Working with many blue-chip multinational and global organisations, they have developed a deep understanding of the industry and created concepts and products that meet the needs of your business as you and your customers grow in sophistication.

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Arnott's Biscuits


The support and technology provided by SFI and the CARE software has helped Arnott's Biscuits significantly improve the way we manage consumer inquiries.


For more than fifteen years, we have been able to rely on the team at SFI to provide us with sound advice and guidance on how to get the best performance from CARE technology for our business needs.


We are particularly impressed with their help desk, whose staff are always willing and available to work with us when the need arises. As a result of SFI's flexibility and commitment to understanding how we operate, they have been able to provide valuable support as we develop our business.


Thank you SFI.



Manager - Consumer Contact Centre Arnott's Biscuits




Goodman Fielder


We have found SFI and their support staff to be professional and thorough in their service delivery. Calls to their support desk are handled in a timely manner and elevated where appropriate depending on the nature of the query.


SFI are very receptive to ideas, are keen to share their knowledge and have a great passion for CARE. SFI are strong with their continuous improvement programme which ensures that Goodman Fielder Consumer Advisory are able to move with any technological advances.


Overall Goodman Fielder are very happy they chose to work with SFI and their product CARE and would thoroughly recommend the system to new users.



Group Manager - Consumer Advisory Centre Goodman Fielder Foods Limited




McDonald’s Australia


McDonald’s Australia Limited joined with SFI as far back as 1998 to develop a customised program to be implemented into our Customer Service Department. It was a challenge that SFI rose to and exceeded in many aspects, as there was nothing simple about our requests. We went “live” with CARE in September 1999 and throughout the transition period, we've been fully supported by the team at SFI ever since.


We implemented the new version of CARE and also introduced two more departments within McDonald’s, to the CARE system, providing more challenges for SFI. They once again took our requests on board and we now have successfully integrated 5 departments in total into CARE.


After talking with other clients, it was clear that we made the right decision in choosing CARE for our Customer Service needs.


SFI have provided us with total support and always in a professional, friendly manner and at McDonald’s, we feel that they are part of our business family, working towards a common goal of providing outstanding service to our customers.



Customer Feedback Centre McDonald’s Australia