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Peter has been involved in Customer Relationship Management for over 15 years and is the director of SFI International, a developer of global CRM software solutions.


From 1978 till 1992 Peter worked extensively with corporate clients using financial modelling to improve their bottom line and create strategic business directions. In 1992 he established SFI International with business partner Mark Hudson.


Peter has developed sound business systems knowledge that enables him to create flexible solutions, develop a shared vision for customer satisfaction and process improvement, achieve successful implementation, and increase growth for clients.


Peter has extensive experience across all sectors of the Australian market, as well as Europe, UK, Canada and the USA. He understands key performance drivers for business and customer contact systems and develops solutions that improve customer satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and deliver meaningful bottom line results.


Experienced in assisting national and international companies implement organizational change and effectively use software systems to increase customer contact reporting and effectiveness across many industries, Peter has developed unique customer relationship management solutions.


Peter has been a member of the Society Of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) since 1994, has been an active board member since 2003 and served two terms as the SOCAP Australia President. Peter is an experienced professional speaker. He has spoken at SOCAP conferences in Europe, USA and Australia and in 2005 assisted with the release of SFI/SOCAP ROI study.


Peter is part of the committee of the Australian Football Coaches Association (AFCA), which shapes coaching methods for junior coaches and works extensively with the Indigenous community sponsoring sporting initiatives.


In the next few years, Peter believes technology will continue to drive changes in the way we communicate. With the expansion of the communications network, and the increase of technology for personal and household use, businesses will need to adapt to consumer demands for greater accountability.



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