Go digital, keep your current workflow

Go digital, keep your current workflow Xugo blog

Making the switch to a digital management system doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. If work management software (WMS) is personalised to meet your business’ unique requirements, it won’t replace your current workflows – it will optimise them.

Most WMS platforms have a “cookie-cutter” design that offers limited capabilities for businesses, as they don’t account for varying needs. But when going digital, most businesses don’t want to abandon their existing processes and ways of doing things to suit new software.

While these cookie-cutter management solutions may be popular, software that is configurable offers greater versatility.

This is why Xugo is made to suit your business. With Xugo, there is no need to re-engineer your business to use the software, which means you can enjoy all the benefits of a digital management solution and still keep your current workflow.

Optimising processes with a digital system

Xugo’s capabilities can help strengthen your workflow by allowing you to configure the platform to function according to what your staff and business requires.

You can keep practices and processes consistent by creating workflows and forms in Xugo. With the dashboard, you can better manage and understand what tasks need to be completed or what actions need to be taken.

These forms and checklists are personalised in Xugo, meaning you can manage the entire process from start to finish in a way that suits your organisation.

Everything from investigations to tracking customer feedback can be completed using Xugo. Digitising these tasks helps to streamline the process and ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Reduce admin workloads

For staff, optimising workflows with Xugo allows data entry and transfer to be automated, which means more time can be spent on other priorities.

Manual data entry and file transfer can result in mistakes or double-handling because of human error. But these problems are easy to prevent with a digital system.

Xugo automatically collects all reports, emails, checklists, customer information, tasks, cases and more, meaning you don’t have to continually update the system to ensure everyone has accurate information or have to deal with data replication.

With no need to enter the data manually from other programs or files, staff have more time to dedicate to other areas and tasks.

Not to mention, Xugo can also compile data and generate reports to provide insights into what is working and what needs improvement.

Information is easy-to-find and visible within Xugo to ensure greater accountability and productivity without demanding too much change from your business.

Xugo works with you

From installation to using it every day, Xugo is made to suit your organisation to ensure the platform offers real benefits.

There is no steep learning curve with Xugo because it is personalised to suit your needs, which makes it intuitive and accessible right from the start.

Additionally, as you continue to use the software, Xugo is regularly enhanced, meaning it doesn’t need to be replaced and can grow with your business as operations or demands change.

With Xugo, you don’t need to change your business to suit the software. Instead, Xugo is made to meet your individual requirements. With a personalised digital management system, you can still do things the way you want, but make day-to-day operations easier for staff and better for business.

Need help? Contact the Xugo team 👍 to learn more about upgrading to a digital management system, where you can still do things, the way you want.