Finding a management system that works for you

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When you’re responsible for household-name brands, having an intuitive management system to collect data and communicate with customers can significantly help staff complete everyday tasks and improve customer satisfaction.

Asahi Beverages is one of Australia’s leading beverage suppliers, which produces iconic and quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Using an outdated work management system, Asahi Beverages could only use one internet browser, couldn’t send out e-vouchers and didn’t have the capability to generate and share reports in one system.

Staff needed a user-friendly and modern system to serve as a database and communication platform, which is exactly what Xugo could provide.

With Xugo, Asahi Beverages have been able to streamline day-to-day tasks through automation.

Taking the burden off staff

On average, staff save almost two days per month because many operations are taken care of by Xugo. Staff can log in and share data easily, without needing to jump across platforms or enter data manually. Everything is collected in the same system, which can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Importantly, staff no longer have to send out physical gift cards through the post. Instead they can send out e-vouchers directly to customers, which has sped up resolving complaints and improved customer satisfaction.

Uniform communication

Automating everyday processes has created consistency across the whole team, with everyone in the loop at all times thanks to a single system for data sharing and communication.

Using email templates, staff can deal with customer complaints and inquiries uniformly. When Asahi Beverages receive multiple complaints for the same batch number, the system sends out a threshold notification to all relevant stakeholders to inform them of the situation.

Easy reporting system

With Xugo’s centralised system, generating reports has never been easier for Asahi Beverages. Everything is done in a single system, which makes sharing reports with different personnel and departments simpler than relying on multiple programs.

There’s no need for staff to manually update and organise records since all complaints are logged into Xugo automatically. Reports can also be altered in an instant to reflect new information and provide better analysis.

Reliable tech support

Adjusting to a new software can be difficult for any organisation, but Xugo assisted Asahi Beverage staff from implementation all the way through to everyday use with its dedicated support team.

With the Xugo service desk platform, staff can directly contact the Xugo support team to resolve issues quickly, making the transition to the new system easy.

Not to mention, as a cloud-based software, Xugo is updated regularly to fix issues and ensure ongoing functionality.

By making the switch to Xugo, Asahi Beverages now has a modern system for consistent communication, streamlined processes and improved reporting, allowing them to respond effectively to the needs of their staff and customers alike.

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