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what we do

Our client-centric solutions can be tailored to meet your specific operational & business
needs to provide tangible benefits & superior value.

Our client-centric solutions can be tailored to meet your specific operational & business needs to provide tangible
benefits & superior value.

feature-packed works management software

Xugo is rich in features designed to connect your teams, processes and store your data

on the go - mobile app Xugo feature

on the go - mobile app

Whether you're in the office, on the factory floor or in the field, you can connect with your teams/dept.s and complete your assigned tasks easier and faster using your smart device of choice.

visualise your data and extract insights - Xugo feature

visualise your data & extract insights

Xugo's dashboard provides a near immediate real-time view of your data (tasks, cases, program) in one easy to access place. Manage what you see by customising your dashboard, without writing code. At a glance review, track and monitor your workload and your team's tasks and cases. Get visibility of simplified operational report stats and other important stats.

knowledge base - Xugo feature

knowledge base

Find and access your information using Xugo's knowledge base. Store, find and access all types of information such as - Products, Brands, technical information, datasheets, raw materials, stores, locations where your product is sold etc. With Xugo, content can be housed for context-driven access.

create forms and checklists - Xugo feature

create forms & checklists

Xugo gives you the power to create unlimited custom forms, checklists, questionnaires all in your format and with your corporate branding. Create dynamic forms by choosing a variety of different field types configured for both web and smart devices. Easily establish user permissions for view and editing. Easily add photos, attachments and electronic signatures to your form. Xugo manages all your documents electronically in one central location and easily implements a form to be completed when triggered. Create, edit and complete your checklist - all from your device wherever you are.

capture photos, attachments - Xugo feature

capture photos, attachments

A Xugo user can add any attachments (photos, documents, images, videos, files) to an event/case or task as required. For cases created directly from a social post, web form or contact us email, the image (if included) is automatically included in the case under 'Attachments'.

advanced map visualiation - Xugo feature

advanced map visualisation

Xugo provides innovative web mapping to enhance the user experience, displaying location visualisation both on the desktop and mobile APP. A map location can be provided to identify where the task is required to be completed, or the location of an incident etc. Xugo's map has many display actions - aerial imagery, standard road map or a hybrid of the two. Tasks/assets/sites/consumers can be displayed on the map as pins and be selected and edited all within the map.

manage your business workflows - Xugo feature

manage your business workflows

Once the necessary information has been collected and entered, Xugo's rules-based workflows route the task/incident/feedback to the appropriate area for action. These workflows are dependent on your critical compliance control points which we can help you to define during implementation. Xugo drives your actions via rule-based workflow routing of cases to your teams no matter what their location.

tracking and traceability - Xugo feature

tracking & traceability

Xugo can help you refine your productivity - track how long and the effort it took to complete a task or close off an event/case/incident. Benefit from assessing how you're doing at specific tasks. Whatever you do, all case activities are logged and saved for easy traceability.

get reports when you need them - Xugo feature

get reports when you need them

Xugo empowers you to stay up-to-date and respond quickly with the ability to share your reports via email and the web. Generate operational reports, report and identify product performance, analyse and track data, deliver daily/weekly/fortnightly executive reports capturing critical trends and highlight news. Generate custom detailed reports with granular scheduling and extensive publishing options. 

webchat - Xugo feature


We can integrate your choice of a live chat app to communicate with your customers and web visitors in real-time. An easy way to capture your conversation and create a case. All Xugo users also have access to Xugo's internal messaging between colleagues. Users can chat, send files and images which is useful when working in different locations all from within Xugo.

social media engagement - Xugo feature

social media engagement

Xugo’s social listening and monitoring tool enables review and action of customer feedback received from multiple Social Media channels all via Xugo's one central user interface. Via Xugo, users can quickly action a social media comment within a posting from any Social Channel (post/tweet/other) and create a case and tasks. Easily, your team remains up to speed with cases. Any enquiries yet to be resolved can be flagged and escalated.

secure solution, data protected - Xugo feature

secure solution, data protected

Xugo provides flexible and easily configured security and access control for various users, including external companies and contractors. Xugo can control access to data, features and functionality both on desktop and via a mobile device. All user activity is logged, monitored and contains automatic security logging. Xugo sits behind a web application firewall and the mobile application is authenticated via SFI's API gateway. Xugo data is protected and encrypted at rest an in transit using industry-standard encryption.

Xugo's task management features

task management software for getting things done

  • Access your tasks safely and securely whilst working remotely, from anywhere at anytime using the mobile app or web
  • Create tasks - assign roles, add deadlines, attachments
  • Personalise your task view to manage your work the way you want
  • Manage you and your team's tasks and improve productivity with the support of workflows and easy to use functionality
  • Manage your cases, case information, documents and tasks all from Xugo's central repository
  • Report on your tasks, cases and key insights.

more of Xugo’s capabilities

easy to use, unites your team

Intuitive software, built with the knowledge that its’ use in your organisation will be wide ranging: from your Consumer Relations, Compliance, field teams, R & D teams, to the factory floor etc.

works online or offline
Connect your workforce regardless of how and where they work. Xugo supports the ability to continue working while in an "occasionally connected" or "offline" state where the user can go effectively online (temporarily) and see the content.
works on all browsers
Xugo is supported on all current release versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.
works on all android & iOS supported devices
Access Xugo anywhere via your Smart device of choice - smartphone, iPad, Android phone and/or tablets, ruggedised laptops etc.
integrates with other business systems

Xugo has been developed with a flexible structure that allows integration with your existing business systems or industry-specific programs. If integration is needed with ERP/EAM  and/or GIS, Xugo's Application Programming Interface (API) gateway allows for rapid set-up of data exchange between Xugo and your business systems.

advanced search functionality

Xugo's search functionality enables a user to easily find information in Xugo from several categories, including Social, Cases, Tasks, Assets, Planning and also by Customer. The ability to search for, related cases, individuals, companies, properties, locations, and/or other relevant attributes. All contact details are able to be searched. Xugo's Comm's hub where all correspondence relating to a case with a customer or internally with other Xugo users are searchable and filterable. Xugo also has the added advantage of being able to search logged notes aiding in locating additional information relating to consumer, case and task records.

webchat functionality

All Xugo users have access to Xugo's internal messaging service. Real-time internal messaging between colleagues using Xugo. Chat messages will pop up on the bottom corner of the screen and users can chat, send files and images and continue to work in Xugo smoothly without leaving the screen. Useful to get quick assistance from Dept's located in different sites when communicating in parallel with a customer.

triage your incidents/requests/feedback

Xugo collates all interactions (incidents/requests/feedback) from your multiple input channels (social media streams, web-loaded emails, messenger, phone calls or chat) into the Xugo Service Queue in real-time. Where a combination of rules and triage is used to assist with automated work management. The Service Queue allows your teams to focus on consumers without monitoring multiple social media streams, email inboxes etc.

personalised look & feel, speaks your language your company branding

The interface of the application is personalised to your company branding i.e. your logo, icon and colours. Xugo caters for your international DC's or sites by automatically translating to the language of choice, providing a localised and more user-friendly experience.

automated responses

Canned responses are accessible within easy searching access of the Knowledge base, to consumer requests via email/letter, chat or over the phone. Script and text can easily be maintained in the Knowledge base set-up control. Xugo also provides the fully featured ability to create email templates that the user can select from when responding to the customer. Xugo has a comprehensive word template capability allowing the user to define specific letter and email templates that include letterheads, and email signatures that include merge codes where data from the case fields are entered automatically.

identify fraudulent repeater activity

Xugo detects fraudulent activity at the initial stage, detecting the questionable claims early to reduce cost for your business. Identify repeat offenders using Xugo to check consumer history for any prior contact, claims and possible reimbursements.

enable investigations & follow-ups

Case investigation management is a standard feature of Xugo, used for creating and managing each investigation. Once the case is established a series of tasks are created to conduct separate parts of the overarching investigation. A user can attach photos, videos and documents to cases as part of an investigation as proof of analysis. Forms required to be completed can be attached to a task. Reminders and follow up actions are managed through Tasks via the start and end date/times for activities to be completed. All captured information from various tasks is linked strictly to the case and affected consumer.


Notifications can be set up to inform the user of a task that has been assigned to them, a case status change, a new email response relating to an open case, to inform the user a report is ready to be viewed etc. The notification pane lets the Xugo user review an alert instantly, without losing the context of what the user is doing. The user can view the notification and click through to the corresponding case or task via the link.

manage your suppliers/retailers

Using Xugo, optimise the exchange of information within your organisation and with your suppliers and/or retailers to minimise conflicts, resolve cases quickly and improve customer satisfaction. Maintain your supplier's information and their product details in the knowledge base. The ability to configure external user role permissions for suppliers to access the case. Assign tasks to suppliers such as 'complete a product inspection', as well as automate recurring tasks.

robust application

No matter how many brands, consumer interactions or workflows you have, Xugo can manage it. Xugo is a robust and flexible solution for managing your business processes, from simple cases to complex and extensive case and investigations. The ability to link cases and create linked tasks and sub-tasks provides for complex work management and coordination of multiple tasks throughout a series of workflows.

real-time connectivity

Connect your business in real-time with your case activity updating in your business systems. The Xugo APP for out of office work allows work in "occasionally connected, always available" mode to ensure when out of the office or in the field, your always able to complete the work, even when network connectivity is limited or unavailable. When connectivity is lost, all data is stored locally on the device and is uploaded when connectivity is next established.

chatbot functionality
Capture your chat conversation, via your website or multiple sites and instigate the Xugo case directly from your preferred chatbot. Your chatbot manages the conversation until the request for an Agent or the question is outside of the knowledge base and/or frequently asked questions. The chatbot conversation is transitioned to an Agent who has the ability to complete the remaining details and determine if a case is to be created.
estimate works & costs

Use Xugo to manage your cost estimates for cases and tasks. Capture case/task time and cost from creation to completion. Estimates are highly customisable and set at category levels. In addition to logging agent time for each case and task track associated costs, reimbursements, labour, external testing, courier and other third-party expense which be added to a task.


Xugo supports comprehensive audit logging for system and user functions, operations and transactions, which can later be reported for auditing and traceability purposes. For every Case created and managed in Xugo, there is an extensive traceability trail showing retrospectively who did what and when. Xugo logs every change to a case and shows transparently what each and every user has been doing. Xugo's comprehensive record of change logs allows for audit trails to be viewed or exported to report trends, metrics and analytics.

integrates with your phone system

Xugo can be integrated with CTI and call centre solutions to help manage and streamline customer support and improve customer satisfaction. Call parameters can be automatically populated into a Xugo case eliminating the task of manual data entry.

unlimited users

No limits to the number of users, teams, dept.'s, sites in your business when using Xugo.

designed to be flexible

Forms/fields/interfaces are catered to your defined processes and labelled in your 'speak'.

protect your reputation

Xugo's real-time alerts and reporting notifies you early of issues and to initiate an investigation and actions to minimise or prevent fall out. Escalation paths are defined by the Xugo user and part of Xugo's work management mechanisms to prevent and stop cases/incidents/tasks etc falling through the cracks. Escalated cases can be made private from other teams/dept's/users.

capture the location of your teams

Xugo users can view the location of other users/crews and other tasks (subject to access privileges) via Xugo's map and use this information to assign tasks located nearby.

how we do it

We integrate risk management & compliance control with complaint & incident handling to provide you with complete case management capability.

Critical control points and risk matrices are integrated in the application alerts process allowing visibility and management for:

  • Total Loss
  • Fraud related issues
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Operational
  • Strategic
  • Environmental
  • Terrorism

We continue to be responsive to the changing global consumer environment and are innovative in our ability to adapt technology to maximise product control and customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

So we specialise in cross-platform, web-delivered and mobile applications that leverage the power and inter-connectivity of modern devices.

Flexible deployment
Depending on your preference, our software solutions can be deployed and supported on premise, as a hosted service, or in the cloud under an SaaS model. Our Managed Services and Support team can scale a solution that meets your specific needs.

We configure our solutions to suit your individual business requirements and their modular nature means they can scale as your business grows. This approach allows flexibility and full integration with your current operations, procedures and policies - so you don’t have to re-engineer your business just to use our software.

Data security
It can be a challenge for organisations to develop effective compliance strategies and initiatives to protect their data and consumer’s data from cyber fraud and crime.

No matter what type of application/solution you are developing, it will most likely contain sensitive data that needs to be protected. SFI’s experienced development teams ensure that your solution is delivered with a secure and solid data protection strategy.

services we can offer as part of a solution or separately

Our services - hosted solution

hosted solutions

Our Managed Services team can support what we build and can scale a flexible deployment solution that meets your specific needs.

Our services - support


Our Services Desk team enjoy delivering quick resolutions so not to impact your business productivity.

Our services - general software development

general software development

SFI prides itself in the quality, robustness and successful track record of the software we develop. We focus on both the immediate deliverable of a software solution and future enhancement needs by creating solutions that are streamlined and modular in nature.

Our services - consulting


For over 20 years, SFI has offered business consulting services. We assist our clients choose the right technology and solutions by gaining a deep understanding of their business objectives. Delivering a solution that improves productivity and delivers better business results.

Our services - training


To get the best return from your system, we offer in-house or online training. With training content easy to understand and relevant.