Noumi upgrades Case Management platform for their Support Heroes with Xugo

10 January 2022

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Founded in 1990 Noumi Limited (ASX:NOU) is an Australian company known for its nutritional expertise in Dairy and Plant-based beverages. Manufacturing leading brands such as MilkLab, Australia’s Own, So Natural products for local and global markets. Going above and beyond to create brands that provide maximum health benefits to their consumers using cutting-edge science to develop innovative products.

Noumi required a modern and flexible case management system to fit their growing needs and to enable a more seamless case transition between their Support Heroes the Customer and Consumer Relations team, the Quality team and the Investigation teams based at each of the manufacturing sites, spread across Australia. A one-stop solution to manage/track and search on all case information, consumer communication, notes, supporting attachments, lab reports, etc. whilst being simple enough to use across all teams. Noumi’s goals were to increase visibility into case progress, to create better internal accountability and obtain an easier, instant view of the status of all complaints.
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Screenshot of Xugo capturing the feedback from a consumer, sent via an email or contact us via their company website about one of Noumi's products.

Noumi's requirements

  • A central location to store all data and make it accessible to all teams and sites Australia-wide
  • All consumer enquiries to be automatically received in Xugo to minimise manual data entry
  • Fast and full access to data to improve oversight of key case and task information
  • Track case information including notes, product quality, contact details throughout the case life cycle
  • Send e-vouchers to consumers to accelarate digital reimbursement
  • Multiple cases open at the same time
  • Users and team groups informed by alerts/notifications
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality to analysis all types of cases, consumers, tasks, products and sites
  • To improve collaboration between teams and manufacturing sites
  • Access via API's Noumi's data and other systems.

After showcasing our modern and manufacturing Software as a Service (SaaS) it was clear Xugo was suited to Noumi’s needs and could also offer the following benefits:

  • Xugo is a cloud-managed software that is built to scale as Noumi's business grows and is
  • configurable to work the way Noumi does and avoids a 'one size fits all' approach.

Leverage off existing requirements, experience and knowledge of Noumi's business, SFI worked with Noumi to further scope requirements utilising Xugo's capabilities.

the result

Businesses that use Xugo operate with a single source of truth. Noumi’s Customer and Consumer Relations team can access cases, and tasks i.e. lab reports, immediately once recorded and saved. The platform is one system.
Data flows through the logical workflows to manage all case and task activities. Once a case is generated tasks based on case type and priority are automatically created and notifications lead Noumi’s teams through the process to help complete all the steps.

For high-priority incidents the preliminary investigation results are automatically sent to Noumi’s Quality team to review and determine the root cause before any communication is sent to the consumer or regulator by the Customer and Consumer Relations team. Senior Management is automatically notified of industry reportable incidents.

The structured flow of data from one team to another has maintained clarity and improved efficiency for Noumi to access and process the information, update the consumer and close the task and case promptly.

Xugo offers the capability, functionality and versatility we at Noumi were looking to manage our consumer feedback. Data flows easily throughout the business no matter the location thanks to the cloud-based software. No more stop-start and manually driven workflows. Xugo has made it much smoother and faster for us to access, process and respond to our consumers.


Using SFI to implement Xugo also meant a smoother transition migrating the historical case/task data and contact information, due to SFI’s years of industry experience - we understand the importance of historical data.

Noumi took advantage of Xugo’s knowledgebase and has built it out with Noumi product information. Ensuring Noumi’s Customer and Consumer Relations team always interacts with an up-to-date version of content and delivers it on to the consumer quickly.

Configurable thresholds are particularly valuable to Noumi’s Customer and Consumer Relations and Quality teams when investigating, by helping to identify relationships among cases and or problematic products, e.g., product recalls.

Noumi appreciates the visibility into the progression of cases, with a complete history of all correspondence with the consumer i.e. notes, reimbursements – e-gift cards etc. With no extra effort to view cases coming in from various channels and speeding up their response times.

key benefits

Centrally manage all levels of enquiries

Full visibility of consumer issues and feedback to assist Noumi to optimise and deliver their products, and in turn benefits the growth of the business but more importantly, keeps their consumers coming back.

Seamless workflow rules assist the progression of cases from investigation to closed

Responsive workflows where cases are automatically prioritised to ensure urgent cases are notified and responded to as a priority.

Different teams unified with information available

Xugo ensures Noumi’s Support Heroes, the Quality team and the Investigation teams have consistent access to the searchable available case information.

Real-time access to all cases, tasks, data for reporting

Xugo has improved the visibility and usability of Noumi’s data with reports i.e. daily open cases/tasks, weekly specific product inquiries etc. Allowing Senior Management to monitor trends more closely and maintain clarity.

Confidential case information is secure and legal information protected, resulting in better compliance

Dependent on access level, users can view confidential/private case and task information which has introduced another level of enhanced compliance.

A user-friendly interface that can be learned quickly

Xugo’s intuitive interface helps ensure users feel comfortable using it, resulting in quick onboarding.

Want to learn more about Xugo

With SFI’s Xugo, you can employ a solution that delivers a personalised, truly exceptional customer service experience with a full overview of your consumer management activities. Xugo not only assists your business to achieve regulatory compliance but also helps to identify trends, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction levels. Get in touch and follow us on LinkedIn.