Why you need a WMS that's truly cloud

9 Oct 2023

Using work management software (WMS) can provide a single source of data and organisation-wide communication for any business. But WMS can only be a convenient, accessible and immediate management tool if it is truly cloud.

Xugo is a cloud-based work management solution which provides a single centralised system for data collection, communication, reporting and more.

Unlike locally-hosted systems, cloud-based software like Xugo can offer regular updates, customisation and ongoing support, providing comprehensive and holistic work management.

Xugo offers the best of both worlds – it’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) that is capable of meeting any organisation’s current needs while also helping it to continually improve.

Xugo cloud based work management software

Customisation to suit individual requirements 

What separates Xugo from other SaaS solutions is that it can be customised to suit the individual requirements of any business through straightforward configuration.

Not all SaaS platforms can make this claim, as most rely on the one-size-fits-all approach. Other software is designed to work for most organisations, and their support teams will provide general support tailored to the product, rather than the organisation using it.

While these cookie-cutter softwares can be popular and convenient, they cannot account for varying needs of different businesses across the world.

However, being fully customisable, Xugo can be configured to suit the different requirements from across industries.

Xugo’s platform allows for complete integration of current operations, processes and policies, which means there are no disruptions or reconfigurations required to use the software.

Cloud-based software also offers customisable security options, including access controls, monitoring and industry-standard encryption to make sure data is both stored, accessed and protected properly.

Additionally, to better suit various organisations, Xugo can be used on any device and operating system. For field staff, Xugo’s dashboard and insights can be accessed in the app, which means all employees can have real-time updates whether they are in the office or working remotely.

A cloud-based system particularly benefits communication between staff, teams, clients and third parties. A completely online system ensures all staff and relevant personnel can connect and share information when required, which is especially helpful for incident reporting and regulatory compliance.

Ensuring continuous improvement

Xugo’s flexibility means that it adapts to changing needs and procedures, ensuring continuous improvement as the software grows with the business.

Xugo provides one centralised system for data, with accessible and transparent information available across workplaces and departments. Without a single source of data, it can be hard to make good decisions, keep up-to-date with regulatory requirements, or identify issues.

A single centralised system for all information, tasks and communications makes for more reliable data collection as there is no need for replication and double-handling when it comes to transferring information.

With clear and detailed records of tasks, incidents, investigations and other processes, Xugo can assist with reporting and analysing data to find trends and areas of improvement. These insights can be used to better understand customers, consumers, meet compliance requirements, and facilitate better decision-making.

As Xugo evolves with a business, more processes become automated, from data collection to compliance, enhancing accountability and freeing up staff. This not only improves resource utilisation, but also saves costs in the long-run.

Xugo understands how to grow with an organisation by employing solutions and enabling activities which suit the “big picture” of the business, taking into account what needs to be done on a day-to-day basis and what needs to be implemented over months or across different departments and teams.

Instead of a reactive approach to compliance and incidents, organisations can take preventative actions to reduce oversights and issues. This makes it easier to meet organisational goals, such as sustainability targets, as more time is focused on optimising processes instead of tracing problems.

Using this holistic approach, Xugo can future-proof any business to ensure it is prepared to meet requirements and demands at any time.

Not just about the tech

While Xugo offers a comprehensive work management solution, it is not just about the technology – there is also the team behind the software.

Xugo is an Australian-owned company with its support team in Australia, making it software with people at its heart. The versatility and adaptability of Xugo is made possible by the support team who work closely with organisations to ensure the software meets their needs.

Access to the Xugo team means that the software can be made to suit various requirements in different industries because there is someone available to directly help resolve issues and reconfigure the software.

Being a cloud-based software means not just providing versatile technology that can be accessed anywhere, but also providing ongoing support for users to make sure the software is serving their needs, instead of organisations reconfiguring procedures to fit the software.

The team is endorsed by clients across the globe because they prioritise clients and help to unlock valuable insights.

Additionally, using a truly cloud solution means there is no need to replace the software when it becomes outdated. Xugo is regularly updated and enhanced to ensure it works for clients both now and into the future.

Delivered by the cloud

Xugo is only customisable, holistic and scalable because it is a truly cloud-based work management solution.

An online management tool ensures organisations can continually improve because they have a single centralised system for all information, reporting, communication and collaboration, which is also configurable to their requirements and regularly updated.

SaaS does not have to be one-size-fits-all. Xugo offers a comprehensive work management solution that is also customisable, giving businesses a platform for continuous improvement that works for them.