Why people are at the heart of digital transformation

Why people are at the heart of digital transformation - Xugo blog

Whether it’s clients using software or a tech support team providing assistance, people are at the heart of digital work management transformations.

Improving digital systems isn’t just about technology – good software must be intuitive and customisable for users while also offering ongoing support after implementation.

Work management software (WMS) can only optimise workflows and processes if it’s tailored to suit your businesses and staff. This is what separates Xugo from other WMS platforms.

Designed to work with people, Xugo provides a personalised and intuitive work management solution that can account for your individual business needs while also offering ongoing support long after implementation.

Personalise your work management system

When it comes to WMS, a one-size-fits-all solution can only do so much. Digital transformations that are designed to suit any client can’t accommodate the individual needs of differently sized businesses and various industries.

These one-size-fits-all solutions are created by larger international software companies which simply don’t have the time to offer tailored support to every business that uses their platform. As a result, they can only provide general support and limited customisability, forcing you to work around the software, rather than the software working for you.

With a personalised approach, Xugo is able to work with you.

Xugo is designed to optimise operations, tasks and processes already in place rather than replace them, regardless of the size of your business. You can create your forms, manage cases, schedule tasks and visualise work progress all in the same place so all your team is up-to-date.

It’s easy to use because the platform is designed to evolve with your business as it takes into account the “bigger picture” – how you will use the management system on a day-to-day level and what you will need in the future.

In order to offer an effective management system, the team behind Xugo cater to clients individually to make sure they get tailored solutions. Instead of changing workflows and processes already in place, Xugo optimises these operations.

In turn, Xugo eliminates the steep learning curve that comes with implementing new WMS.

Get support throughout the whole process

As an Australian company, Xugo has its support team in Australia to provide both local and global assistance.

Instead of general tech support that one-size-fits-all software relies on, the Xugo team understands the importance of customised support and aftercare, which are needed if any business wants to continually improve.

The team is customer service-oriented, taking pride in customer satisfaction through configuring Xugo to match processes, outcomes and goals.

With clients from across different industries, the Xugo team has extensive knowledge, technical expertise and two decades of experience in providing digital solutions.

Being familiar with various industry practices, standards and food safety programs, the Xugo team doesn’t just offer support at implementation, but also afterwards as well. The team is dedicated to facilitating continuous improvement for clients and their businesses, building ongoing partnerships to make sure Xugo adapts to organisational changes.

Software working for people

Digitisation helps to connect teams and processes, ensuring manual and tedious tasks are streamlined. This can improve day-to-day operations and help organisations meet goals, but most importantly, it can reduce workloads for staff.

When the software is made to suit your needs and there is a support team available to give tailored assistance, work management becomes a whole lot easier.

For Xugo, providing large-scale and complex solutions is all about looking after every client to deliver a personalised solution.

Unlike most WMS, Xugo is big enough to manage complex workflows, millions of transactions and incorporate detailed information, while also being small enough to care about individual clients.

When you work with Xugo, you get software that has people at its heart.

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